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New Session with body "{}" should assume default session config


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The wdspec tests expect that passing a body of `{}` to the New Session command, will actually not create the session. An error of type InvalidArgument has to be returned.

geckodriver internally converts the passed-in empty object to `{"capabilities":{"desiredCapabilities":{}}}`, which then let Marionette successfully create the session.

Here the appropriate wdspec test:

The spec explains:

> 1. Let capabilities request be the result of getting the property "capabilities" from parameters.
>  1.1 If capabilities request is not a JSON object, return error with error code invalid argument.
`{}` is valid json object
(In reply to David Burns :automatedtester from comment #1)
> `{}` is valid json object

Sure, but that is for the body of the request aka `parameters`. Given the 2 lines from the spec above, `capabilities` would be `null` if geckodriver wouldn't rewrite the JSON data, and as such should return an invalid argument error.

So my question stands, why does geckodriver rewrite it, or what's wrong with the spec.
I would assume these two bodies to be functionally equivalent:

> {}


> {"capabilities": {}}

Currently they are not for the reasons whimboo gives in comment #2.

I will file an issue against the WebDriver specification.
Blocks: webdriver
Summary: New Session with body "{}" has to raise an InvalidArgument error → New Session with body "{}" should assume default session config
Flags: needinfo?(ato)
I’ve filed against the
specification.  I think that geckodriver’s current behaviour, of
accepting "{}" as input to New Session, is the correct behaviour.
We should get the specification issue resolved so that we can resolve
this bug.
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