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Change datasets to reflect "stub" desktop attribution from OSX installations


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In bug 1468680, we're looking to use stub attribution to understand when a user has installed Firefox from a specific property[1]. The change for Windows is fairly straightforward, and merely uses the existing parameters, having no net effect on either the telemetry activation ping or stub attribution overall.

Mixedpuppy has a patch in review for bug 1344771[2] to allow us to do the same for OSX clients -- it's a different methodology, but the net result is that OSX clients would have the same kind data for the telemetry activation ping that currently exists on Windows. Which means that when this lands, we will begin collecting "stub attribution" data from OSX clients.

So, Marketing and Product metrics will want to know this is coming and we should adjust our datasets/reporting to accommodate it.

(CCing the world so they know about this, because this is probably the most impactful part of this change right now.)

[1] AMO, in this case, though in the future others could use this same technique.
[2] This approach has been vetted with pmac and agibson via
As long as the attribution information is recorded the same way in Telemetry (in the "environment.settings" field), it will flow through to the datasets that currently include attribution information - like main_summary, churn and clients_daily - without any further change. 

Is there a specific dataset or report that needs to be updated?
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Not sure -- I didn't know who or what uses this or what format it takes (or who would need to say so).
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The patch for osx doesn't make any changes to the data for this, it simply makes the data available from osx.  I think that this bug is about whether the backend reporting will account for data from osx.
A sign-off on this bug is blocking landing bug 1344771.  The change here is that telemetry for attribution will change from windows-only to windows and osx.
Blocks: 1344771
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I'm good with landing this - I haven't identified any blockers in terms of reporting, and we'll have enough information in the data to differentiate osx data, so we can adjust reports and datasets if any problems arise.

Thanks for the heads up!
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I think this bug has done it's job to bring attention to this change. If there's anything specific that falls out from this, let's file new bugs.
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Can you please add some STRs to this bug or mark it as "qe-verify-" ?
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hrm, there are no qe flags on this bug when I edit.  In any case, qe-verify-
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