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Fanolian, you raised this on the mailing list -- do you think we should go ahead and change zh-HK at the same time as zh-TW, or does it require further evaluation?

:m_kato, WDYT? Are there others we should ask?
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10 months ago
(In reply to Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) from comment #1)
> Fanolian, you raised this on the mailing list 
I am merely a regular Firefox user and thus below are only anecdotes. Please excuse the lack/misuse of terminologies.

> Does it require further evaluation?
The main concern for _not_ adding Microsoft JhengHei to zh-HK list is that JhengHei does not support CJk ext-B and HKSCS(?) but these are rarely used.
In daily web consumption, Hongkongers use probably no more than 5 characters in CJK ext-B. Off the top of my head, only 𠝹(to cut with a knife or scissors), 𡃁(young) and 𨋢(lift/elevator) are actually used.
There are scarcely any new content in recent years created with Chinese characters that use PUA block and require MingLiU_HKSCS to view. I may have seen a few cases from discussion forum users inputting those characters. I think they may be using some odd IMEs that still not fully utilise unicode.
Hongkongers are used to the fallback to MingLiU* from other font families. Even if it may happen more, yet still rare, for zh-HK than zh-TW users, I am not aware of any complaints (about the above issues) to JhengHei being the default in Edge/Chrome.

> Do you think we should go ahead and change zh-HK at the same time as zh-TW?
Mozilla may consider waiting for the release of Source Han/Noto Sans and Serif 2.000 and add Source Han/Noto and JhengHei together to zh-HK list.
Source Han 2.000 will be a far more suitable font for Hong Kong use because it adds a HK variant[1] while JhengHei follows Taiwan standard. Unfortunately there is no release date for the 2.000 update.[2]

[2]: As late as May 2019 as hinted at
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6 months ago
Source Han Sans/Noto Sans 2.0, with HKSCS-2016 support has been released [1].
Is it better to wait for the release of Serif 2.0 and add them to and in the same release, if Mozilla opts for them (in addition to JhengHei)?

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