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Blurry SVG image post milestone 66


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Steps to reproduce:

Navigate to and look at image embedded there (

Actual results:

I see blurry text in this SVG, where previously text was sharp. 

Expected results:

Sharp text in the SVG.

See comparison vs. Chromium screenshot. 

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The root cause here is that the SVG itself has a "translate(0.5, 0.5)" inside it, which offsets the sampling by half of a pixel.

In the older version of Skia, there used to be some weird code that would actually ignore subpixel offsets when sampling, effectively doing point sampling. This was a legacy Skia bug that was enshrined into a legacy Skia "feature". Then at some point Skia upstream got rid of compatibility with this legacy bug entirely, since it wasn't consistent with how the GPU or other platform-native 2D APIs were doing things.

Our Direct2D backend renders the SVG the same way as Skia does post-update, or rather, Skia post-update now finally is consistent with our Direct2D backend, which honors the "translate(0.5, 0.5)" correctly.
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See Also: → 1311464
See Also: 1311464608812
I think this is essentially wontfix. Being consistent across platforms is a good thing, even if the rendering is undesirable for certain SVGs. Fixing that general potentially undesirable behavior is already covered by bug 608812 (and at least one other I think).
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