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Support easy emoji input like :+1: or :smile:


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On GitHub, Slack, or whatever, you can easily input emoji on the comment field as you type a colon (:). Bugzilla should also support this shortcut.
See Also: → 1352571
Severity: normal → enhancement
GitHub's current emoji list is here:
Blocks: bmo-markdown
Depends on: 1476107
No longer depends on: bmo-markdown-initial-release
No longer blocks: bmo-markdown

I need something small to work on.

Assignee: nobody → dylan

This is blocked by Bug 1476107 that I’m working on.

(In reply to Kohei Yoshino [:kohei] (Bugzilla UX) (FxSiteCompat) from comment #3)

This is blocked by Bug 1476107.

Does it really block that? I was going to add this to the markdown renderer because that's how github does it.

This is a frontend enhancement. On GitHub or Slack, you’ll see a list of emoji when you type semicolon (:) and can input directly, not a server-side conversion. We should do the same.

It's both. Github appears to store the non-emoji form, so we can do the same. I'll also add an API for completing the emojis.

Assignee: dylan → nobody

In the time since this bug was created, operating systems have improved their native emoji keyboard support to a point where we no longer need to reimplment an emoji picker in BMO.

Closed: 2 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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