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Save as draft to local folder when offline


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Sometimes if you loose network connection it could be nice to be able to save a
draft to local folder. Since Local Folder always exists this could be really

Ala "Saving as draft to failed. Do you want to save the draft to
the Local Folder?"

*** Bug 241845 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
This request is about changing how the "Save" in File menu works. Bug 241845 is
about extending the "Save As" submenu with additional entries.
Summary: Save as draft to local folder → Save as draft to local folder when offline
Product: MailNews → Core
*** Bug 169880 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Assignee: ducarroz → nobody
QA Contact: esther → composition
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Depends on: 457136
Could you live with marking this as dupe to bug 82996?

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> Could you live with marking this as dupe to bug 82996?
No, I would say these are different.
Blocks: tb-drafts
Same also applies to "Sent" Folder (which is actually worse, because you don't get to access to "save as", due to the error box notifying you about the network problem being somehow "modal"...)
I'm quite surprised this has not adopted since 2002. One of the main purposes I use a mail client is for offline use. I've tried changing my settings to save to a local folder instead of the server, and this results in freezes and crashes. I have yet to find a bug on this problem, so may start another thread, but strange to me that saving drafts locally like this is not the standard method. What do you do while offline on a battery? If your battery runs out then poof goes all your drafts?
I would like to add my surprise. I just ran into a similar issue on TB 52.8.0 and could not believe that it would not let me save a draft simply because I was offline (on the train..). I now changed settings so that it would *always* save to a local folder. But that is not the behaviour I would like, of course. If I am offline, I want to save offline. Once I go online, it should sync.

Would be great to have this kind of behaviour in future!
I can confirm that the problem still exists in Thunderbird 52.9.1. As far as I understand, this is mainly a problem for IMAP mail boxes since everything needs to be synced. However, in other email clients (e.g. K-9 Mail for Android) the default behavior is the behavior that is requested here: The draft message is saved locally when in offline mode and synchronization can happen as soon as the client connects to the server again. 

Right now the only workaround is to copy-paste the composed message to a text file if I want to save a draft in offline mode. This is clearly not what one would expect from an email client.
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