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Enable mac taskcluster build for searchfox


(Webtools :: Searchfox, enhancement)

Not set


(firefox63 fixed)

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firefox63 --- fixed


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It works now, we should turn it on to prevent it from regressing. Also it will make a Real Incentive (TM) to fix bug 1425597 because it will produce actual advantages in that we can index code that is behind macOS compile guards.
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Bug 1477792 - Save the rust-analysis on macOS searchfox builds.
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Bug 1477792 - Run daily macOS searchfox builds.

This looks fine, though maybe you need someone else to get more jobs running on CI?

In any case, the code change itself is trivial, so feel free to land if you're confident about that :)
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It's a tier-2 job so I don't think I need anybody else to sign off on this. I've added jobs before like this and nobody has complained, so I'll assume it's fine.. :)
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Save the rust-analysis on macOS searchfox builds. r=emilio
Run daily macOS searchfox builds. r=emilio
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