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Network monitor toolbar buttons can overflow on window width around 960-1040 pixels


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(firefox63 fixed)

Firefox 63
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firefox63 --- fixed


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The network monitor toolbar is laid out on two rows for widths below 960px, and on a single row for widths over that.

I’m seeing the "HAR" select and sometimes the "Throttling" select overflowing to the right of the screen (in en-US locale). I wonder if the 960px breakpoint had been adjusted when the filtering feature landed?

What's more, when hovering or focusing the "Filter URLs" field, the help icon appears and makes this field (or its parent, more likely) bigger, with content shifting to the right.

Some possible solutions:

1. Change the breakpoint from 960px to a higher value, possibly 1050px.

2. For the "Filter URLs" help icon, <a class=learn-more-link> should be absolutely positioned, like its sibling <button class=devtools-searchinput-clear>.
Thank you, Florens!

David, unsure, but I thought you worked on the network toolbar redesign? How simple are the fixes for the 2 issues mentioned.
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Yep!  I'm going to check this out today.  I remember we ran into some slight layout differences between Mac and Windows so I'll check that out as well.
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Tested on Windows 10, worked great for me. I see the 2 issues described in this bug fixed.
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NetMonitor - Break to two rows earlier to prevent HAR overflow r=pbro
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