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PhabBugz::User class doesn't handle the condition of a bugzilla user id being invalid.


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(Reporter: dylan, Unassigned)


(Keywords: conduit-triaged)

When looking up a user in Phabricator based on a user's bugzilla id or when Phabricator returns an invalid bugzilla user id and we try to convert it to a Bugzilla::User object?
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Not sure I understand the question here. At the moment this isn't a problem so we can back-burner it

Assignee: dylan → nobody
Flags: needinfo?(dylan)
Priority: -- → P3

The original question I think was what to do in the case that we encounter a changed made by a Phab user that does not
map to a user in Bugzilla and Bugzilla throws an exception. This problem causes the entire feed queue to stall. What would
be a better solution? Do we plug in a bogus BMO user in it's place ( Do we automatically create a user
in BMO for the Phab user? Or do we continue to just let it fail and when we get notified from DataDog we change the data in
Phabricator to use a real mapped account instead?

Flags: needinfo?(dylan)

Ah I see! That's a good point.

Generating a new bmo account seems like the most audit-able situation and so that's what I vote for.

Flags: needinfo?(dylan)
Type: enhancement → defect
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