Open Bug 1478973 Opened 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Update Server methods to use rather than Pool.get


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(Reporter: yulia, Assigned: yulia)


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The pool class implements two methods which are equivalents: actor() and get():

protocol.js and newest code use actor(), whereas old legacy code uses get().
We should identify all the usages of get() in order to call actor() instead.

There is at very least all of these cases:

But there might be lots of hidden usages, which won't only be on the actor side as Pool class is being inherited by Front and Actor classes:*id%5C)&case=false&regexp=true&path=devtools%2F
By scanning quickly this list, I found: (may be?)
The goal here is to find all usages of get function on anything that is Pool, Actor or Front.

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