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DirectInput D-Pad not working but other buttons work


(Core :: DOM: Device Interfaces, defect, P3)

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Steps to reproduce:

I plugged in a Logitech Rumblepad F510 and tried to play a game, and then I tested it with

Actual results:

The D-Pad (the "buttons", not the axes in analog mode) is not working, but the other buttons work.
Turns out I had the Gamepad still in DirectInput mode, that is the 'D' at that little switch on the back.
When I set it to 'X' like XInput there is no problem.

Expected results:

I think the D-Pad buttons should be working with DirectInput, too. When you run the game in Chrome, the D-Pad problem is gone. A gamepad where only half of it works makes you think the game or firefox has a bug.
Component: Untriaged → DOM: Device Interfaces
Product: Firefox → Core
Priority: -- → P3
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