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Implement "visible" parameter in menus.create and menus.update


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Currently, when an extension wants to hide a menu, they have to resort to one of the following methods hacks:
- Remove menu via the remove or removeAll methods in the menus or contextMenus namespace.
  (disadvantage: menu order is lost because menus are currently shown in the order of creation)
- Update the menu with the update method, and set one of the values to something that never matches.

Neither method is ideal, and I was wondering whether there is a better way to offer this functionality.
Turns out, Chrome's contextMenus API already offers the "visible" property which fulfills these needs.

Chrome supports this since version 62:
Can we also implement enabled [1]?

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(In reply to kernp25 from comment #1)
> Can we also implement enabled [1]?
> [1]

The "enabled" property is already supported by Firefox.
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This seems like a good idea for both usability and compatibility.
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Bug 1482529 - Support "visible" in menus.create and menus.update

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Support "visible" in menus.create and menus.update r=mixedpuppy
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Note for compat table ( ).
This feature is supported since Firefox 63, Chrome 62 (desktop only) and Opera 49.
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This issue is verified as fixed on Firefox 63.0a1(20180827100129) under Win 7 64-bit and Mac OS X 10.13.3.

The “visible” parameter work as expected for menus.create and menus.update.

Please see the attached video.
I've added `visible` to the `createProperties` object in, and also added it to the compat data.

Marking as dev-doc-complete, but please let me know if we need anything else.
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