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Clear the field-specific merchant error invalid state when the field has been edited


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"Once the user begins to type into a field with an in-context error, the error will disappear. This will also work if a user deletes text within the field."

Right now will hang after bug 1476345 disables the save button if there are invalid field because setCustomValidity is called with merchant-specific errors call but they are never cleared.
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Bug 1482808 - Clear the field-specific merchant error invalid state when the field has been edited. r?sfoster

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Clear the field-specific merchant error invalid state when the field has been edited. r=sfoster
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I'm not sure when the in-context error will be displayed, to try to verify when the error will disappear.

I accessed "" (FTU), entered valid data in every field except "ZIP Code" field, no in-context error is displayed, only a red outline. (Please see screenshot attached)
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This bug only focused on shipping address errors that are supplied by the merchant after the user changes their shipping address. I'm not sure of a website that implements this yet because it was just added to the spec.

The error text for the zip code will appear in a tooltip if you hover over the field. We should probably have that message show up in a popup the same way as the merchant specific address fields. I've filed bug 1490077 to display these the same.
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Since bug 1490077 introduced the field-specific errors, the red popup will disappear after the user edited the incorrect data.

The same behavior was observed for the merchant errors that appear on the summary page after editing the invalid Shipping address or saved CC. 

Is this check enough to cover this issue fix?
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Yes, it is. Thanks.
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Thanks Jared!

Based on Comment 7 and Comment 8, I will mark this issues as Verified - Fixed  on Windows 10/7, Mac OS 10.13 and Ubuntu 16.04.
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Depends on: 1495549
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