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Build ID: 20100101

Steps to reproduce:

these 3 are dead since FF62 (
- devtools.gcli.jquerySrc
- devtools.gcli.lodashSrc
- devtools.gcli.underscoreSrc


and 'dom.ipc.shims.enabledWarnings' is dead since FF60 ( see

Comment 1

8 months ago
AIUI, from the about:config or any other Firefox interface, it is not possible today to clean up preferences, but having more or less preferences does not impact performance or functionality.

From what I know there are no known procedures in how to handle "dead" preferences. I also don't know if the listed preferences are really dead, so I will mark the issue as an enhancement and set component Preferences.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Untriaged → Preferences
Mentor: mconley
Priority: -- → P5
Assignee: nobody → cadeyrn
Comment on attachment 9005854 [details]
Bug 1483352 - remove dead gcli preferences from devtools-shared.js

Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) has approved the revision.
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8 months ago
Keywords: checkin-needed
Sören, there were conflicts applying your patch. Please fix and attach the new version.

Error: We're sorry, Autoland could not rebase your commits for you automatically. Please manually rebase your commits and try again. (255, 'applying /tmp/tmpHWZvr7\npatching file devtools/shared/preferences/devtools-shared.js\nHunk #1 FAILED at 70\n1 out of 1 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file devtools/shared/preferences/devtools-shared.js.rej\nabort: patch failed to apply', '')
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Keywords: checkin-needed

Comment 5

8 months ago
Oops. I wanted to rebase the patch and did a `hg pull`. Then I saw there is a `hg pull --rebase`and found in the documentation:

> If you had done a normal hg pull without --rebase after your hg commit, you will have to first undo that by doing hg rollback.

But I can't execute `hg rollback` because of:

> abort: rollback is disabled because it is unsafe

What is the best way forward?
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Hi Soren,

This is what I'd do:

1) Find the SHA of the commit you want to rebase. I assume this is still where your current working directory is at, so I'd do | hg log | or | hg summary | to get that.

Let's pretend that SHA is abcd1234

2) Once you have that, I think you can tell Mercurial to rebase that onto "tip" (which should be the most recent commit from central that you'd pulled down).

| hg rebase -r abcd1234 --dest tip |

And that should do it. Then you can | hg update | to tip, and push to Phabricator from there.

Does that work?
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Comment 7

8 months ago
Yes, that worked! But I noticed the preferences from comment #0 have been removed by the patch in bug 1429421, so there is nothing more to do here. I will mark this bug as duplicate of bug 1429421. At least now I know how to rebase in Mercurial. I am sure I will need this sometime in the future. Thank you, Mike! :)
Last Resolved: 8 months ago
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Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: gcli-removal
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