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<legend> not child of <fieldset> should have 2px padding


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WebKit/Chromium/EdgeHTML always have 2px padding. For Gecko html.css says `fieldset > legend` instead of just `legend`.


Simon makes a reasonably compelling argument -- the current "fieldset >" qualifier means that we get different amounts of padding depending on whether the legend is inside of "display:contents" or not.

Kind of a strained scenario to design for, but there's some logic to the idea that there should be consistency there -- and given that plus the consensus of other browsers, it seems reasonable to change here.
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Here's a testcase with the display:contents scenario:
If you view that in Firefox and look closely [or use devtools to inspect computed style], you can see that the display:contents-nested legend has less padding than the normal legend.
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Mihir might take this -- tentatively assigning this to him.

All we need to do here is:
 (1) Merge this all into a single "legend { ... }" rule (no fieldset > legend):

 (2) Write a reftest based on my jsfiddle from comment 2, with a display:contents wrapper around <legend> in the testcase and without it in the reference case.
Assignee: nobody → miyer
I'll go ahead and close this out. Note that I'll be leaving behind one "fieldset > legend" declaration here -- that one's covered by bug 1485502.
Assignee: iyermihir → dholbert
Try run w/ reftests, all platforms (to validate that new tests pass everywhere & to catch possible changes in number of fuzzy pixels on platform-specific fuzzy annotations):

Try run w/ all layout-relevant tests, linux-only (to catch any other test dependencies on old behavior):
Hmm, looks like I've got some test expectations to update.
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Bug 1483499: Give <legend> consistent default padding, regardless of whether it's a child of fieldset. r=mats

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Give <legend> consistent default padding, regardless of whether it's a child of fieldset. r=mats
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