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zlib not found for libpr0n/decoders/png, changes needed


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There is an additional ordering problem with the imglib2 decoder stuff,
the png stuff craps out because isn't found.  patch coming up.
Blocks: 143524
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hmm... not sure I understand why the REQUIREments aren't met. Maybe something to
do with native vs. mozilla-based zlib? seawood?
Right, when the dep list is created, we should not be using any of the
--with-system- options.  By default, we use the in-tree versions of those libs
so I don't see why ZLIB_REQUIRES isn't being set properly.

I think ZLIB_REQUIRES is set right.  png and mng are detached
from the requires map, I hand-added these to the file w/o looking at the requires list.  E.g.
doesn't show "png -> zlib" because .. it never finds png.

I guess the correct thing to do would be to have run
on png, mng, etc. to to make sure we extend the tree properly.
I think we can hand-edit things for now to get things going.
Why would it never find png?  I thought that the graph was generated by
traversing the default build tree?  Looking at the that's checked in, we
do have a png -> zlib mapping.  So the real problem is that the virtual
dependencies in are not being expanded after they are read?
seawood is correct about having "png -> zlib" already,
my mistake.  Ok let me look at this some more.
Here's the error:

  /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lmozz
  collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
  gmake[3]: *** [] Error 1
  gmake[3]: Leaving directory

Two changes need to happen to here.
  1) we should be adding "imgpng" to v-imagedecoders, not
     the raw png.  This will take care of zlib & other libs
     that png needs.
  2) imglib2 needs the v-imagedecoders dependency directly,
     we can't add it to gtkembedmoz-wrapper because we lose
     that dependency information, which confuses the build order.

Here's an that worksforme:

  gtkembedmoz-wrapper -> gtkembedmoz;
  imglib2 -> v-imagedecoders;
  v-imagedecoders -> imgjpeg;
  v-imagedecoders -> imgmng;
  v-imagedecoders -> imgpng;
Summary: png/imglib2 decoder needs zlib to be built first → zlib not found for libpr0n/decoders/png, changes needed
Attachment #86294 - Attachment description: patch form of above file → changes: 1) png is now imgpng, 2) imglib2 has v-imagedecoders dependency
ok talked with alec, this has a better solution.  we're getting
bitten by the module-inside-a-module (imglib2, imgpng) problem.
marking invalid, I'll re-file this bug since this has gotten confusing.
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