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Firefox for iOS does not show an indicator for "passive" mixed-content


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Steps to reproduce:

1- Open the Firefox
2- Go this website :

Actual results:

Although a web page icon loads as http, it may appear secure.

Expected results:

Please look at the's source code. You can see favicon icon as https. But if you open favicon file, it' redirecting to http page. This means : favicon file loading as http. This means : web page is not secure. But Firefox show web page as secure

proof of concept:
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We don't actually have a mixed content indicator. I'm not sure what we should do with this bug.

Because of WKWebView we are a bit limited here, but it does have a property that can tell us if the loaded page has mixed content I think.

Dan do you think there is something actionable here? We could turn this into a feature card on our trello board but that means we will need some guidance on the UX side of things.
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"A Boolean value indicating whether all resources on the page have been loaded through securely encrypted connections."

I think this would be nice to expose in some way.
Marking as tracking-fxios so that it will show up in bug triage.
I want to learn situation.

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Since we allow the load of mixed "passive" content anyway we're not protecting users from any of the privacy downsides. The indication is a warning to users, but more of a nudge for the site's authors to fix things. We don't need to keep this hidden.

If we're not showing a mixed-content indicator at all that's a bigger deal than just getting the favicon wrong.
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Keywords: privacy, sec-want
Summary: Firefox doesn't mark sites with http favicons as mixed content → Firefox for iOS does not show mixed-content
Summary: Firefox for iOS does not show mixed-content → Firefox for iOS does not show an indicator for "passive" mixed-content
Priority: -- → P2
Flags: needinfo?(sarentz) → needinfo?(fpatel)
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