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Rip out the dom.event.highrestimestamp.enabled pref


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firefox67 --- fixed


(Reporter: arthur, Assigned: jcit)


(Keywords: good-first-bug, Whiteboard: [tor][fingerprinting][fp-triaged])


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To improve fingerprinting resistance, Tor Browser always uses DomHighResTimeStamp instances. We set "dom.event.highrestimestamp.enabled" to true. We would like the same behavior if privacy.resistFingerprinting is enabled.

An alternative solution would be to remove the "dom.event.highrestimestamp.enabled" pref altogether.
It's been several years; can we rip out the dom.event.highrestimestamp.enabled pref at this point?
Component: DOM → DOM: Events
Flags: needinfo?(bugs)
Whiteboard: [tor] → [tor][fingerprinting]
+1: rip it out. I know it's only exposed in about:config, but misinformed users can/do get the wrong impression and disable it believing they have reduced FP'ing. It's kind of an oxymoronic(?) name when paired with FP'ing.
No longer blocks: uplift_tor_fingerprinting
Keywords: good-first-bug
Summary: When privacy.resistFingerprinting is enabled, always use highrestimestamps → Rip out the dom.event.highrestimestamp.enabled pref
Whiteboard: [tor][fingerprinting] → [tor][fingerprinting][fp-triaged]
Willing to take a look

Currently looking into this. Could this be assigned to me?

Sure. Happy to review the patch.

Assignee: nobody → jcit

Btw, just hint if you need someone to land the change :)
Thanks for fixing this.

Still not entirely familiar with landing changes, do I need to mark the issue as resolved now?

If you push the final patch to phabricator, I think I can land it there using Lando (assuming you don't have rights to use that).

Ok, just pushed the final version. Hopefully that should be it

In general, you can set the checkin-needed keyword and it will be landed for you. The bug will be closed once the patch merges to mozilla-central. (Initially, it will land on an integration branch.)

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Removed dom.event.highrestimestamp.enabled pref r=smaug
Closed: 9 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla67

Josef, thank you for fixing this!

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