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Enable static analysis on all Windows CI builds, turn off separate static analysis build tasks


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Once someone figures out bug 1427808, which is keeping the Windows static analysis builds on an older version of clang, we should be able to just enable static analysis in all of our Windows CI builds, and turn off the separate static analysis build tasks, which will save on build resources. We did this for mac in bug 1208787.
We can do the same with Linux, now that Linux builds are on clang too. In fact, I have a patch for that already.
Depends on: 1487622
Depends on: 1438446
See Also: → 1208787, 1486654
Assignee: nobody → mh+mozilla
And turn off separate static analysis build tasks.
Now that all Windows builds have static analysis enabled, the
clang_debug mozharness config does not have any relevant difference for
those jobs, so just use the debug mozharness config instead.

Depends on D8810
Pushed by
Enable static analysis on normal Windows CI builds r=ted
Use the normal debug mozharness config for Windows static analysis autotest r=ted
Remove the now unused clang and clang_debug mozharness configs and corresponding files r=ted
Depends on: 1500344
We should remove the win*-st-an platforms from (I can't currently find in my history where that code lives, I think it might be github somewhere)
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