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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1444082 +++

Current tip:

Last sync was bug 1472749, which was 7d03bec52d0a0c4b22d044e06af84abb15a9f02b. Git log of new commits:

commit 3be1aaa01c078c25b67ed8dfd1c9aa8f9963490b (HEAD -> master, upstream/master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Daniel Aleksandersen <>
Date:   Mon Aug 27 00:55:11 2018 +0200

    Recognize Sina Weibo meta tags

commit 5a69d4a8eb5247b3b0638b100b34a45650359cb0
Author: Daniel Aleksandersen <>
Date:   Sat Aug 25 01:28:00 2018 +0200

    Improve metadata extraction (#478)
    * Improve metadata extraction
    * Recognize meta[property] as a space-separated list
    * Recognize Dulin Core (dc|dcterm): metadata.
    * Prefer Dublin Core, Open Graph, Twitter, and HTML in that order.
    * _getArticleTitle() is now only used as fallback if document
     doesn't provide good metadata.

commit 0449dbf186aef03274936a80d2dd116363a76885
Author: Daniel Aleksandersen <>
Date:   Wed Aug 22 16:57:53 2018 +0200

    Recognize more iframe video embed video services
    * TenCent QQ Video, Alexa Rank 8
    * Twitch clips and streams, Alexa Rank 33
    * Internet Archive, Alexa Rank 265
    * Wikimedia, Alexa Rank 347

commit f782bc5f06a139827c87969a144ef14d5159cfd8
Author: Gijs Kruitbosch <>
Date:   Mon Aug 20 17:40:00 2018 +0100

    Avoid global flag when looking for metadata using regexes

commit 93a2f1b026afcba346f3c322251942b34ecc9e19
Merge: 7d03bec 30611cc
Author: Johann Hofmann <>
Date:   Mon Jul 16 07:15:08 2018 +0200

    Merge pull request #471 from gijsk/moar-eslint
    Add more eslint rules (fixes #457)

commit 30611cc57ffdad248a7f1aca8dd5d8c5cb308e9a
Author: Gijs Kruitbosch <>
Date:   Sun Jul 15 15:43:50 2018 +0100

    Fix quotes issues in test and benchmark files

commit f511d1aa2b34e49fee16872e1ee26745f962c2a5
Author: Gijs Kruitbosch <>
Date:   Sat Jul 14 22:09:14 2018 +0100

    Enable eslint checks for quotes and single-line loops/conditionals

commit 7cf95bd427a3ebb8877e00c25a80423f8fbcd7cd
Author: Gijs Kruitbosch <>
Date:   Sat Jul 14 22:09:00 2018 +0100

    Fix same-line loops and if statements

commit d9f7bb29653fef05ad08b0f82d245e4aedcc46d8
Author: Gijs Kruitbosch <>
Date:   Sat Jul 14 14:28:41 2018 +0100

    Fix quotes

Corresponding pull requests:

Essentially, this fixes:
- a bunch of eslint stuff to bring this code more in line with m-c.
- some correctness issues with metadata parsing
- overhaul of metadata parsing to make it prefer standards-based metadata, and avoid the complext title parsing.
- some video parsing improvements (though I suspect this won't help inside Firefox because the sanitizer strips out iframes and scripts).

This should be fairly straightforward to merge.
Summary: Sync reader mode to github tip ( 8525c6af36d3badbe27c4672a6f2dd99ddb4097f ) → Sync reader mode to github tip ( 3be1aaa01c078c25b67ed8dfd1c9aa8f9963490b )
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sync reader mode to github tip ( 3be1aaa01c078c25b67ed8dfd1c9aa8f9963490b ), r=johannh,gijs
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