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Restrict usage of media autoplay by feature policy


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Video autoplay policy can be controlled through feature policy (

If the policy in the active document disallows the ‘autoplay’ feature, then the media element will not be considered eligible for autoplay.

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(Being moved from /feature-policy/ in
Chris, do you have any thoughts on this?
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Mozilla doesn't have a public position on Feature Policy, so I filed a RFP issue [1] to resolve that. Our support of an "autoplay" feature policy would be dependent on that.

Flags: needinfo?(cpearce)
For future reference the already existing issue is/was

Which is actually reflected on here as "worth prototyping".
We now have an "intent to implement" for FP:

Given that, supporting autoplay in FP seems like a good idea.

FYI, we removed the autoplay feature policy in Bug 1516598 as we realised that due to our policy of a user gesture activating the entire doc tree in a tab (including across origin boundaries), that in all instances we want the gesture activation status of a doc tree to override the feature policy status.

That is, the site's setting of feature policy should never override the user's gesture activation. So for us, the autoplay feature policy has no effect, so we removed it.

For reference, the "truth table" of gesture activation/feature status/allowed to play states works out like so:

tab gesture activated autoplay feature policy status allowed to play
activated allowed true
not activated not allowed false
activated not allowed true
not activated allowed false

This may be different in other browsers with a different activation model, and if we change our activation model it may come to make sense in future, but with our current model it doesn't make sense for us to support this.

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