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Use new ADBDevice.reverse in Raptor


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(1 file) uses adb reverse in two locations which could be replaced with the new reverse method in ADBDevice.

You will also need to update the requirements in to make sure you pull in the updated version of mozdevice.

We will need to make sure that the new version of mozdevice from bug 1484238 is published before landing this change to Raptor.

In addition, the current code does not remove the reverses when the script terminates. We should make sure to remove the reverses when the script terminates either normally or abnormally so that we do not leave them polluting the socket connections.
Assignee: nobody → egao
Blocks: 1473078
Changed two occurrences of _cmd['reverse', port, port] to use the create_socket_connection method from 1484238.
Added code at end of clean_up() to remove opened socket connections.

Checked via manual execution of raptor-speedometer that opened reverse socket connections are removed at conclusion of test.
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Bug 1488327 - Use new ADBDevice.reverse in Raptor r?rwood

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Before landing, please push to try and run 1 raptor desktop test just to ensure the linting and raptor unit tests pass. We can't really test the adb reverse itself since we haven't landed raptor geckoview support in production *yet*. Thanks!
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Great thanks :egao, lando it! :)
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Use new ADBDevice.reverse in Raptor r=rwood
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