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Add a Cranelift line to AWFY


(Testing Graveyard :: AWFY, enhancement)

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(firefox67 fixed)

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... once it's landed in Spidermonkey (bug 1469027).

I'll provide the extra information (about:config pref, extra configure options) when everything is ready.
Cranelift has now landed and can be built with --enable-cranelift at configure time (it's set by default for Nightly builds) and it can be enabled by default by setting the following about:config prefs:

javascript.options.wasm_baselinejit := false
javascript.options.wasm_cranelift := true

Joel, can we have this new "Cranelift" configuration running on Raptor/perfherder/AWFY, on Linux64 for WasmMisc, please? Thanks!
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add a cranelift version of the wasm-misc test
thanks for the request, waiting on try and review :)
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Thank *you* for getting to it so quickly!
:bbouvier- setting these prefs didn't seem to work:

you can see the wm-c jobs are orange, any thoughts on this?
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Crap, didn't realize that there's one benchmark in this suite that will iloop because of an issue in Cranelift ( ). Will ping you once it's fixed and integrated in Spidermonkey, sorry for the noise.
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Issue 335 seems to have been fixed upstream.
Yes, we're now working on a version bump in Spidermonkey.

Some time has spent, and Cranelift has been updated (lately in bug 1532689), so the crashes we were observing when running with Cranelift should now be fixed.

Joel, could we try running this again on try, to see if it still timeouts, please?

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Yes, that looks correct. Can we also have results for the Godot wasm benchmark, please?

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Thanks for checking! I think Cranelift doesn't run in Godot, though, according to these results. Could we have a raptor-wasm-godot-cranelift-firefox opt that runs with the same about:config prefs as Cranelift for wasm misc, please?

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It is easy for you to add these options as well based on the patch I have provided in the try run :)

I have done this, here is a try push for you to look at:

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Great, that looks good to go, thanks!

add cranelift to raptor wasm-misc and wasm-godot tests

add cranelift to raptor wasm-misc and wasm-godot tests.

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