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Streamline nsISHistoryListener


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nsISHistoryListener has some functionality that isn't currently used: the OnIndexChanged and OnLengthChanged methods, and the ability to cancel some operations. I think the methods were added under bug 1310761, but maybe they're not necessary any more?
nsISHistoryListener can cancel several operations, but the functionality is
only ever used for OnHistoryReload(). So this patch removes it for the other
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They're never used.
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Summary: Streamling nsISHistoryListener → Streamline nsISHistoryListener
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Remove On{Length,Index}Changed from nsISHistoryListener

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We shouldn't need this anymore. It existed to do history syncing at one point for preloading iirc
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frg: this should suffice for comm-central.
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Minimize cancelability in nsISHistoryListener. r=nika
Remove On{Length,Index}Changed from nsISHistoryListener. r=nika
Add a clarifying comment. r=nika
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Update comm-central for nsISHistoryListener changes

Great thanks. If I find some time I will clean out the SeaMonkey sessionstore and align with Firefox. Too much old cruft in it.
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frg, what exactly is the status of SeaMonkey right now? Recently I've heard it described as "badly busted" and even "dead". There have been some small XPIDL clean-ups that I wanted to do but I couldn't just because of some code in suite/.
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> frg, what exactly is the status of SeaMonkey right now?

Answer via email because not directly bug relevant.
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Update comm-central for nsISHistoryListener changes. r=frg
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