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Steps to reproduce:

Start with English language pack and dictionary.  Add German dictionary.  Disable English language pack and dictionaries.  Enable German dictionary.  Type English and German words.

Actual results:

Spellchecker said English word was correct, and German word was not.  Meaning changing spellchecker languages didn't work.

Expected results:

Spellchecker should've said English word was wrong, and German word was correct.

Comment 1

6 months ago
I failed to mention that I did try restarting firefox, that didn't help.

Comment 2

6 months ago
I also tried disabling all my extensions, and restarting.  No improvement.

Comment 3

6 months ago
Hi Darxus,

The default spell checker language is English, so the word will always be checked first using the default integrated English Dictionary. 
If you have other languages installed (in your case German) please make sure to enable the language pack and select it via the Context Menu option. It will correctly spell check all that you wrote before and was highlighted as incorrect.
Here is an example of how to do that:

Please tell me if this solves the issue or if I missed something.

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Comment 4

6 months ago
I am now able to switch from English to German (I was not changing the language via the context menu).  

But I still can't do what I want to do.  Should I open a new bug?  Take this to the support-firefox@ list?

I've created (and installed) my own English (US) dictionary, based on the integrated one, with a few words removed.  It looks like I can't ever select my dictionary, because I can't disable the integrated English dictionary, and they are both en-US?  In the context menu, I only see the one "English (United States)" option.  

So it looks to me like there's a bug preventing me from switching to any other dictionary with the same locale (en-US) as the integrated dictionary?

To reproduce, install both of these, and you can't switch between them in the context menu:

I'm attempting to follow the directions here:

Looks like a dictionary that is a slight modification of an en-US dictionary needs to still have the locale of en-US?

Comment 5

6 months ago
Similarly, if I install two dictionaries with the locale of en-GB, I can't select between them.  Less of a problem because I'm able to remove all but one.

Maybe the context menu, under Languages, should list the em:name ("British English Dictionary (Marco Pinto)"), instead of "English (United States)" / "English (United Kingdom)"?

Reproducible by installing these two:
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Comment 6

6 months ago
Sorry for the waiting Darxus!

Reproduced on Latest Nightly 64.0a1 (2018-09-30) (64-bit) with the addons from Comment 5.

I will mark this issue as an enhancement for now and developers will decide if it can be treated as a bug or not. Indeed it is quite confusing which dictionary is selected or to choose between two with the same locale.

Thanks for the report.
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Comment 7

6 months ago
Thank you.
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