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Users may be pushed to new profiles twice when upgrading over time


(Toolkit :: Startup and Profile System, enhancement)

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User has Release 62 and Beta 63 installed. Both using the same profile, "profile A".
Beta updates to 64 with dedicated profile support, takes profile A for itself, creates a new default profile, "profile B".
Release now runs with profile B, user sees their data is gone, decides to switch the default to profile A. Release and Beta now both run with profile A.
Release updates to 63, no change.
Beta updates to 65, no change.
Release updates to 64 with dedicated profile support, both Beta and Release are still using profile A so when running Release the downgrade prompt will appear, user will be pushed to create a new profile, "profile C".

So twice the user will see them pushed to a blank profile if they follow this path, that could be frustrating.

The only way to block this from happening would be to make profiles used by builds with dedicated profile support invisible to earlier versions of Firefox. This is technically doable but I don't know if it is worth it to fix this case.

I don't think this is relevant now we're not changing the default for older versions.

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