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testing/geckodriver/ is very slow if your hg config defaults to |--follow|


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In my system-wide hg config I make |hg log| default to |--follow|.

This causes: to be incredibly slow, since it prints the node for _every single commit_.

A solution would be to pass |--no-follow| in the invocation of |hg log|. should set HGPLAIN=1 in the environment to avoid this.
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Looking at this I discovered another bug with  For Mercurial
we use "hg log -r." in the CWD which selects the last commit in the
current working directory, but for git we just do "git log -1" which
picks the latest commit to the repository, whatever that may be.
Disregard what I just said about "hg log -r.": it apparently selects
the parent/tip commit of the entire repository.
Blocks: 1491799
This sets HGPLAIN and GIT_CONFIG_NOSYSTEM to bypass local user
version control system configuration when the build script is invoked.

If not set, the version control system's output could be influenced
by configuration settings.  It was for example discovered that if
you have "hg log" default to --follow, this slows down the Gecko
build significantly since it prints the node for every single commit.

According to hg(1) it is highly recommended for programs invoking
hg to set this.
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bypass local vcs config when invoking build script

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::: testing/geckodriver/
@@ +53,5 @@
>      S: AsRef<OsStr>,
>      I: IntoIterator<Item = S>,
>  {
>      let mut cmd = Command::new(program);
> +    cmd.env("HGPLAIN", "1");

Note that this doesn't actually disable any configuration for Mercurial but only those which change the default output.
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Thanks for jumping on this!
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bypass local vcs config when invoking build script. r=whimboo a=Aryx
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