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Remove moz:webdriverClick


(Testing :: geckodriver, enhancement, P3)



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(Depends on 1 open bug, Blocks 1 open bug)


This bug tracks the removal of the temporary `moz:webdriverClick` capability.

From the description in geckodriver’s README:

> A boolean value to indicate which kind of interactability checks to run when performing a click or sending keys to an elements. For Firefoxen prior to version 58.0 some legacy code as imported from an older version of FirefoxDriver was in use.
> With Firefox 58 the interactability checks as required by the [WebDriver] specification are enabled by default. This means geckodriver will additionally check if an element is obscured by another when clicking, and if an element is focusable for sending keys.
> Because of this change in behaviour, we are aware that some extra errors could be returned. In most cases the test in question might have to be updated so it’s conform with the new checks. But if the problem is located in geckodriver, then please raise an issue in the [issue tracker].
> To temporarily disable the WebDriver conformant checks use false as value for this capability.
> Please note that this capability exists only temporarily, and that it will be removed once the interactability checks have been stabilized.
Depends on: 1374283
Depends on: 1394354
No longer depends on: 1374283, 1394354
Depends on: 1405967
Depends on: 1493115
No longer depends on: 1493115
Severity: normal → S3
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