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The non-standard navigator.buildID property will be removed in the near future to protect users from fingerprinting. Bugzilla Helper has one, which we should remove it now:

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7 months ago
Isn't this information important to a good bug report?
I don’t think there are many cases where the exact Build ID is useful.

* Bugzilla Helper is for newbies who are often not using Nightly.
* On the non-Nightly channels, the UA string or version number is enough to recognize the browser environment. If not, engineers could ask the reporter to provide Troubleshooting Information (about:support) that contains the Build ID and other details.
* On the Nightly channel, contributors can also use the Nightly Tester Tools extension [1] to provide the Build ID if needed. But for regressions, the regression window is rather important.

See Also: → 1412550
I’m adding some more arguments here:

* `navigator.buildID` is used only in Bugzilla Helper; regular users are not providing their Build ID or even UA string.
* For Bugzilla Helper users, their UA string will continue to be automatically provided when they file a bug.
* Many of BMO users are now Chrome users so the Build ID detection doesn’t work. In that case, engineers have to ask the reporter’s Firefox version anyway if needed.
I have a work-in-progress patch for bug 583181 that allows * pages to access navigator.buildID. Comments in bug 583181 thought it would be wise to keep buildID for *, just in case. AFAIK, Bugzilla Helper is the only user of navigator.buildID, but it might be useful in the future for detecting specific insecure builds.
Merged to master.
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