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[css-grid-2] Enable subgrid by default in Nightly (and early beta?)


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After the layout patches have landed and stabilized, we want
to enable the subgrid pref by default in Nightly builds,
and possibly in "early Beta" builds too.
Btw, if the spec isn't in CR by the time you want to do this, shoot me a message, I'll strip it down and fast-track subgrid for you: AFAIK the open issues are all on other features.

A common use case I run across in my day to day is where I have elements within a grid item

For example:

Would subgrid allow me to align the elements across a row? For example, images would be top aligned with each other across a row with varying amounts of content in the headings? Or top aligning up the stack of links across the row?

I’m 100% in favor of this hitting Nightly as soon as possible, and pushing as wide as reasonable after that. This is a critical component of making Grid the powerhouse it promises to be. If nothing else, subgrid allows the use of grids without having to flatten document structures and thus lose semantic markup.

I’ve run into several situations where I wished I had subgrid, some of them similar to Shaun’s—flexbox can only take you so far in those scenarios, and it’s not nearly far enough.

Blocked by bug 1466358 obviously.

Assignee: nobody → mats
Depends on: 1466358
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[css-grid-2] Enable subgrid by default in Nightly.  r=dholbert
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