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Some of the links inside Menu section on Walmart are truncated by the underline


(Core :: Layout, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox62 --- affected
firefox63 --- affected
firefox64 --- affected


(Reporter: Anca, Unassigned)



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Attached image screencast issue.gif
[Affected versions]: 
- 62.0.3 (20181001155545)
- 63.0b12 (20181004174654)
- 64.0a1 (20181004224156)

[Affected platforms]:
- Windows 8.1 x64
- Windows 10 x64
- Ubuntu 16.04 x64
- Mac OS 10.11

[Steps to reproduce]:
1. Go to
2. Click on the Menu button (top left side - “☰”)
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the section
4. Hover on any link

[Expected result]:
- The underline is slightly overlapping  the links characters

[Actual result]:
- The underline is slightly overlapping the links characters

[Regression range]: 
- I will determine one as soon as possible.

[Additional Notes]:
- This issue is not reproducible on Chrome.
- Zoom scale and browser width don’t influence the reproducible of this behavior.
Attached file Testcase #1
Toggling the "vertical-align: middle" declaration on the <span>
in devtools moves the underline in Firefox, but not in Chrome.
Attachment #9014834 - Attachment description: Testcase #2 (using vertical-align:top) → Testcase #2 (using vertical-align:top for comparison)
Priority: -- → P3
Seems duplication of Bug 1426669
This is not a regression. I could see this behavior also on 33.0a1 (2014-06-20). Before this date, the issue looked even worse, the underline was displayed above the text link.
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