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Show username on printed messages


(MailNews Core :: Printing, enhancement)

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(Depends on 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: helpwanted)

In shared printer environments, it's nice to know who printed a message. Some
other mailers put something in the header or footer like "Printed for John Doe".
We could probably do that by picking up the user name of the account the message
was printed in.
Target Milestone: M20
Keywords: helpwanted
Summary: [HELP WANTED] Show username on printed messages → Show username on printed messages
Target Milestone: M20
Depends on: 118766
Wanna take a look at this one ?
On Unix this is already covered by the banner page stuff (/usr/bin/lpr does
that) - but it may be nice for other multi-user platforms...
QA Contact: lchiang → nobody
Product: MailNews → Core
Depends on: 427474
QA Contact: nobody → printing
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Priority: P3 → --
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