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Close and graveyard Other Applications::DOM Inspector


( :: Graveyard Tasks, task, P2)





(Reporter: annevk, Unassigned)


It's rather confusing that when searching for "inspector" on you find "Other Applications" rather than "DevTools".

(It might be that even more cleanup here is warranted, but I'm not really familiar with these products.)
I'll have to see what DOM Inspector is. My hunch is it's not a current product.
* The legacy DOM Inspector extension has retired, so the component can be moved to Graveyard. (separate bug)
* The Other Applications product’s description has to be updated separately.
* It’s nice to have “DOM” in the description of DevTools::Inspector for better searchability.
The add-on is maintained by the SeaMonkey project. We still need it for the next version 2.57 and might just retire it afterwards.

Please move it to Application SeaMonkey and Component DOMi as discussed on irc.

What exactly needs to be done here? Move component from one product to another? Thanks.
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Yes, you'll need to move the bugs cross-product so we need to know how to map status flags and groups.
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Priority: P1 → P2
Component: Administration → Graveyard Tasks
Assignee: nobody → dylan
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Version: Staging → Production
Assignee: dylan → nobody
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