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[mozdevice] Support single-quotes in adb command line


(Testing :: Mozbase, enhancement)

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In bug 1475648, we've found that the jittest command line may have single-quotes in it; currently it looks like they are lost. They should probably be escaped by _escape_command_line().
I got it running locally and see the syntax errors but my first attempt to fix it didn't work either. Dealing with passing these commands around and getting them work in the shell may be tricky. If you get to home plate first, you win the pennant.
- don't quote already quoted elements of cmd
- expand the list of quotable characters and use the regular expression
  [ ()\"&'\]]
- use " to quote

before and after android jit look good on try. doing a full android test now

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Nice. I was heading toward this type of solution last night, but couldn't quite get it to work. Your try run looks great!

I have a simple unit test for _escape_command_line() on the go; I'll attach a patch later today.
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[mozdevice] Support single-quotes in adb command line, r=gbrown.
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I'm happy to add more cases if you like.
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simple unit test

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r+, lgtm.
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Add unit test for _escape_command_line; r=bc
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