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implement first audio decoder (vorbis) in RDD


(Core :: Audio/Video: Playback, enhancement, P2)

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After RDD lands with av1, we should implement the first remote audio decoder, probably vorbis.
Assignee: nobody → mfroman
Summary: implement first remote audio decoder (opus?) → implement first audio decoder (vorbis) in RDD
Blocks: 1524049

These are needed for upcoming addition to an IPDL union.

Depends on D18639

  • Use a single remote decoder IPDL spec and make a remote decoding
    base class.
    Renames PRemoteVideoDecoder.ipdl to PRemoteDecoder.ipdl
    Renames RemoteVideoDecoder{Child|Parent}.{cpp|h} to

  • Move remote video decoding to new subclasses.
    Creates RemoteVideoDecoder.{cpp|h} that contains both the parent
    and child sides of the RemoteVideoDecoder{Child|Parent} classes.

  • Create new remote audio decoder
    Creates RemoteAudioDecoder.{cpp|h} that contains both the parent
    and child sides of the RemoteAudioDecoder{Child|Parent} classes.

  • Connect all the plumbing to use the new remote audio decoder to
    decode Vorbis in RDD including a new pref to control whether
    Vorbis is decoding in the AgnosticDecoderModule or the
    RemoteDecoderModule/RDD (media.rdd-vorbis.enabled).

Depends on D18640

Pushed by
pt1 - modify IPC sync message name for making remote decoders. r=jld
pt2 - Add operator== for AudioInfo and VideoInfo. r=jya
pt3 - Add remote audio decoding for Vorbis. r=jya
Blocks: 1531092
Depends on: 1530305
Depends on: 1538474
Blocks: RDD

This bug doesn't really depend on 1538474.

No longer depends on: 1538474
No longer blocks: 1524049
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