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Implement PostMessageOptions for MessagePort


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I add to invert the "optional" in the postMessage parameters because webIDL requires dictionary to be optional. Is this a limitation in our implementation or is it a bug in the spec?
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part 1 - messagePort.postMessage

this captures only one postMessage. The dictionary was added for example to window.postMessage.
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you are too fast in the review process! I was going to upload 4 more patches :)
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part 2 - window.postMessage

Oh, PostMessageMoz implementation is silly. Requiring transfers as JSValue. Not exactly fast.
But ok, not about this bug.
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Implement PostMessageOptions for MessagePort, r=smaug
Implement PostMessageOptions for Window, r=smaug
Implement PostMessageOptions for Worker, r=smaug
Implement PostMessageOptions for Client and ServiceWorker, r=smaug
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