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Integrate browser notifications


(Tree Management :: Perfherder, enhancement, P3)



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(Reporter: igoldan, Unassigned)


Browser notifications should be enabled, so that whenever a new perf alerts shows up, we can quickly investigate.

Ideally, this should be configurable, because we only investigate 3 alter categories out of 12. If we cannot filter the desired alert types, this could become annoying right from the start.
I don't view this as a priority- possibly there are other use cases I am not aware of.  I find that this could be a can of worms if we get a new alert vs an alert summary- and when we nudge we will get new alert summaries.  When I am actively sheriffing, I want to focus on my alerts, not the long list of new incoming alerts that I am getting notified about.

I see some value in this, assuming you are at your browser and not focused on other stuff.  It would be cool to have notifications for a specific test and a developer could sign up as well :)

Is this a lot of development time?  I don't know and I assume it would be a lot, but if it is little, then doing this is lower risk.  I see a lot of other higher priority features to add to perfherder though.
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