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Strip rc suffix from beta build versions (e.g. 64.0b4rc2)


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the rule change to address bug 1295963 seems to go to far and also adds rc information to the beta versioning scheme (e.g. 64.0b4rc2, 64.0b3rc1).

imho that should only happen for versions that are built off the mozilla-release tree (but served to the beta audience at the end of each cycle)-
Can you provide some example crashes?
So, an example crash report is this one:

That links to this build in Buildhub:

That has two different versions: 64.0b4 and 64.0b4rc2.

You're saying that for crashes for the beta channel, Socorro should always assign the non-rc version. Is that right?
yes, the non-rc version should be used for all reports that are from versions that got built off the mozilla-beta tree with the version scheme 64.0bN (we are always shipping only the final rc in this case).

to make matters more complicated, the final release channel rcs (say 64.0rc1, 64.0rc2, 64.0rc3) are also getting shipped to users on the beta channel during the week before the general rollout to the release population, and the rc suffixes should be applied to those only.
So, if the crash_report channel is "beta" and buildhub has versions for that (product, channel, buildid), then use a non-rc version.

If there is no version, then check Buildhub for (product, "release", buildid) looking for rc versions.


bp-26e94ba2-d57e-4007-8b84-4bdf70181030 is ("firefox", "beta", "20181025233934") and Buildhub has version 64.0b4 and 64.0b4rc2 and Socorro should use version 64.0b4.

bp-2fefb49d-d32b-4527-bd49-4b7f20181030 is ("firefox", "beta", "20181015152800"), but Buildhub doesn't have anything in the beta channel for that build, so Socorro looks up ("firefox", "release", "20181015152800") and finds 63.0rc1 which Socorro should use.

Does that sound right?
yes that sounds right, with the addition that next to crash reports coming from the beta channel it should be applied to the release channel aurora as well (firefox devedition builds).
Can you find an example crash report of that case?

Having examples and test cases makes it a lot easier for me to make sure I know we're on the same page and talking about exactly the same thing, plus I use them for testing and verifying.
Here is one example I saw today on the Fennec beta side: There are two versions of Fennec beta3, 64.0b3rc1 and 64.0b3 in that signature.
I'll try to fix this today and reprocess the affected crashes.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Priority: -- → P2
Commits pushed to master at
fix bug 1503250: fix BetaVersionRule lookups for beta/aurora

Previously beta/aurora version lookups could get an rc version, but we
don't want that to ever happen, so this restricts those lookups to
non-rc versions.
Merge pull request #4682 from willkg/1503250-bad-rc

fix bug 1503250: fix BetaVersionRule lookups for beta/aurora
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Here's the list of versions I searched crash reports for to reprocess and how many there were:

VERSION="64.0b4rc2"  # 13637
VERSION="64.0b5rc1"  # 10074
VERSION="64.0b4rc1"  # 6
VERSION="64.0b3rc1"  # 1430
VERSION="64.0b2rc1"  # 566
VERSION="64.0b1rc1"  # 81
VERSION="64.0b0"     # 6149
VERSION="63.0b99"    # 6317
VERSION="63.0b14rc1" # 487
VERSION="63.0b13rc1" # 390
VERSION="63.0b12rc2" # 272
VERSION="63.0b12rc1" # 45
VERSION="63.0b11rc1" # 292
VERSION="63.0b10rc1" # 207
VERSION="63.0b9rc1"  # 164
VERSION="63.0b8rc1"  # 63
VERSION="63.0b7rc1"  # 179
VERSION="63.0b6rc1"  # 190
VERSION="63.0b5rc1"  # 148
VERSION="63.0b4rc1"  # 111
VERSION="63.0b3rc1"  # 138
VERSION="63.0b2rc1"  # 17
VERSION="63.0b1rc1"  # 7
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