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Add windows indexing to searchfox


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After bug 1418415 lands we should have windows indexing jobs running on taskcluster. This allows us to download and merge the windows index data into the final searchfox index. - a couple of fixes needed for the merging to work properly
(In case you hadn't guessed, current dev instance has this deployed)
We're also going to need to fiddle with the timing of the cron jobs. The windows indexing job on taskcluster today took 199 minutes. The jobs get triggered at 6:30 AM EDT and so the windows job would finish at ~9:50 AM EDT, while the lambda task starts at 9 AM EDT. This means the windows artifacts won't be ready in time.

I definitely want to move the taskcluster cron from 6:30 AM EDT to 6:00 AM EDT because (a) the merges are done usually between 5:30 AM EDT and 6:00 AM EDT, and (b) the nightly builds are kicked off cron at 6:00 AM EDT and it makes sense to build searchfox artifacts on the same push. So that will buy us an extra half-hour, but I'll probably still need to move the lambda task down by a half hour and start at 9:30 AM EDT to ensure success.
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Move searchfox indexing jobs a half hour earlier to match nightly build times. r=mccr8
leave-open until the mozsearch-mozilla PR is merged
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I also changed the lambda task to start at 9:30 AM EDT
Next indexing run should have Windows.
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