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about:studies shows preference names and values in monospace on Linux and italics on OSX


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Firefox 65
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In about:studies, the list items for Preference Experiments show the preference being changed and the new value of the preference. On Linux this shows up as italic fixed width text. On OSX it shows up as italic variable with text. It looks worse in OSX, and I think fixed width is the correct choice.
I would like to work on this, can it be assigned to me?

Thanks :)
I've assigned the bug to you, thanks for the help! If you need further support, #normandy on is a good place to find the team.
Assignee: nobody → sam
(In reply to Michael Cooper [:mythmon] from comment #0)
> On OSX it shows up as italic variable with text. 

This doesn't appear to be true; on MacOS, I see fixed width text, and the CSS font declaration is `italic 1.0rem 'Fira Mono', 'mono', 'monospace'`.
I am still seeing this issue
Any chance you could post what the computed CSS font value is? I am also seeing `italic 1.0rem 'Fira Mono', 'mono', 'monospace'`. Also what version of OSX are you on?
Flags: needinfo?(rdalal)
Flags: needinfo?(rdalal)
FWIW changing from 'Fira Mono', 'mono', 'monospace' to just 'monospace' fixes the issue.
Actually after poking around I realized this should be changed from:

font: italic 1.0rem 'Fira Mono', 'mono', 'monospace';


font: italic 1.0rem 'Fira Mono', 'mono', monospace;

That fixes the issue for me.

> Generic font families are a fallback mechanism, a means of preserving some of the style sheet author's intent when none of the specified fonts are available. Generic family names are keywords and must not be quoted.
For what it's worth, both Firefox and Google Chrome deals with it the same way. looks identical in Nightly and Google Chrome to me on OSX.
Taking this bug since I've already submitted a patch.
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Fix preference name styling on OS X on about:studies r=mythmon,Gijs
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