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It's very big without a reason to. Most of the properties should be moved to its own rust files.

In these patches I move most of them, except transform and filter (which use mako still), and cleanup the SVG ones which are terribly complicated without a reason to.
There are better ways, plus the existing code didn't handle aliases at
all (not that it needed to, but it's better if it does).
Doesn't really need to be in a mako file.
Similarly, the code is not trivial and doesn't really need to be in
Being in mako is unnecessary, and makes it harder to debug and such.
It's overly generic for no good reason.
Priority: -- → P3
I think Hiro has already picked up some (all?) of these reviews. I'm off sick today (and maybe tomorrow) so please bear with me if you specifically need any reviews from me.
Pushed by
Move shorthand IDL order stuff out of animated_properties. r=hiro
Pushed by
Move the keyframes property priority stuff outside of animated_properties. r=hiro
Pushed by
Move various length animation implementations to its own file. r=hiro
Pushed by
Move various font-related animation code to its own file. r=hiro
Pushed by
Remove nscsspropertyid_is_{animatable,transitionable}. r=hiro
Move animation of svg-related bits outside of animated_properties. r=hiro
Simplify the SVG animation code. r=hiro,heycam
Depends on: 1514086
Regressions: 1536688
No longer regressions: 1536688
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