Resize full screen get black skin border bug.




8 months ago
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8 months ago
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Steps to reproduce:

I create a video to show what happen when I resize my firefox.
This video was create two month ago, and now I run firefox 63.0.1, this bug is still there.

The resolution of my laptop is 1366*768, and I get an extra monitor with resolution 1920*1080, when I start firefox from laptop, it work correct, but when I drag the window to external screen , this bug happen.  I change several skin and this problem still there.

Actual results:

A black border appear, miss a part of skin.

Expected results:

A correct skin with no missing part of skin.
Group: firefox-core-security

Comment 1

7 months ago
I tired to reproduce this on Windows 10, Firefox Nightly 65.0a1 (2018-11-08) and Firefox 63.0.1, on a laptop and a screen with the same resolutions specified by you, with Chinese and English builds and with various themes but didn't managed to.

Do you have this problem with multiple themes or only with the recorded one? Is this reproducible with the default theme also? Is this reproducible to you with the English build also? Do you have some addons installed that can mess with the UI of Firefox?
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Comment 2

7 months ago
I disable all the addons which may have affect UI of Firefox, and I tried several theme, all of them have the some problem. When I switch to default theme, this bug disappear.

Screen recording software can't record laptop screen and external screen in the sametime  :(   

Maybe I didn't describe clearly what I did when this bug appear in before report, so let me try again  :)
1. laptop with resolutions 1366*768, external screen resolutions is 1920*1080, I reset my external screen with other resolutions, if the resolution is higher than 1366*768, the bug appear; if resolution of my external screen lower than or equal to  1366*768, the bug disappear. 

2. When I FIRST double click the icon of firefox, the windows of Firefox first appear in my LAPTOP SCREEN, and then I drag firefox windows to external screen (with higher resolution than my laptop screen), the bug appear.

3. So generally speaking, this question can describe as follow: Firstly, set an awesome firefox theme, and close firefox; Secondly,  double click firefox icon to initial firefox windows, then drag it to other screen with higher resolution, then this bug appeared.

4. The color of lack part of skin can be all kinds of color, black, pink, white , I think it depends on the color of theme.

I think this bug happend when initial border image, it will read resolution of current screen, and it won't change again, so I drag it to other screen with higher resolution, the border image can't reset again, and bug comes out.
When I start a new tab in a exist firefox windoes, and I drag this new tab to a higher resolution screen, it will read the screen resolution of new screen, and it will initial a new boarder and boarder image so it can work correctly. 
But when I start a new tab in exist firefox and drag in the same screen(to let the initial boarder code work), the I drag the new independent tab to higher resolution screen, the bug comes again :)

How to fix? After each drag, recheck the resolution of current screen, if resolution change, re-initial boarder image. OR just re-initial border image after each drag.

BTW, I'm non-english speaker and not good at English(I'm learning now...), so it may a little hard to read my reply, so sorry :( 

Thanks for reading my bug report and what you did for open source  ^_^ 


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Comment 3

6 months ago
I still cannot reproduce this issue on Firefox 63, Firefox 64 and Nightly 66.0a1 (2018-12-17). I will set a component for this issue. Someone from the team might reproduce it and fix it if it is the case.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1532571
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