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Individual transform properties' animations don't create stacking context in delay phase


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Though this might be done in bug 1425837.
Summary: Individual transform properties' animations don't create stack context in delay phase → Individual transform properties' animations don't create stacking context in delay phase
Depends on: 1526850
Assignee: nobody → boris.chiou
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I just tried to apply all of my patches of Bug 1425837, Bug 1526847, and Bug 1526850, and can see something like this: blue rectangle overlaps the green one. I guess this is what we expected.

nsIFrame::BuildDisplayListForStackingContext() will check the existence
of transform animations, so we need to update
nsLayoutUtils::HasAnimationsOfPoperty(). However, checking only
eCSSProperty_transform is not enough. We have to check all the transform-like
properties. Therefore, we update these functions to accept a property
set as the argument, and pass a collection of transform-like properties
into them.

Note: The updates in ActiveLayerTracker are not related to this bug, but
I think it's better to update all of them together for supporting
compositor animations on individual transforms later.

Depends on D20412

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Part 1: Make sure we also check the existence of individual transform animations. r=hiro
Part 2: Add a reftest. r=hiro
Created web-platform-tests PR for changes under testing/web-platform/tests
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