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[meta] Implement new APIs for autoplay policy


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This meta bug is used to track the related bugs about implementing new autoplay policy API.

- a new API on `document` that can answer the question "can something in this document auto-play", with a provision that allows us to answer whether or not we would prompt, in a manner that we can "just" drop an enum member from the spec if we decide that we won't go down the prompt route.

- a new API on the `HTMLMediaElement` that can answer the question "will this particular HTMLMediaElement be able to auto-play". This is specifically for Apple, for Safari on iOS. This is also specifically because they are not sure how to implement the User Activation API _and_ because they still consider "touchstart" to signify user consent (which should not be the case anymore, but they are wary of breaking Safari specific websites). Chrome people think the fact they don't want to change this is ridiculous, and they are going to push harder and try to have them reconsider this stance. Should this behaviour be removed from Safari, this new HTMLMediaElement API wouldn't be needed.
Depends on: 1493766
Depends on: 1506290

This meta bug is open but has no dependencies that are not fixed. What is the state of this API work?

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The API design is not finished, it's blocked on the github issue at 0. We're actively working on solving this, and we'll proceed with implementing what the spec says when that's the case.

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For now, we still have not reached a consensus in the spec about what the API should look like, but we have implemented the experimental version of API in bug1506290.

Blocks: 1506290
No longer depends on: 1506290
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Hi @Alistor, should this issue be updated due to the work you did on ?

Further, I assume there is an intent to remove document.autoplayPolicy, added in 1506290 which appears to be non-standard and behind a pref that is default false? [Just cleaning up some old docs]

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Thank for NI! Close this bug because this API is going to be removed in the bug 1814985.

Closed: 1 year ago
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