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spin-off of

1. With Firefox Nightly on Android 9 on Pixel 2.
2. Go to
3. Tap the play button

The video seems to initialize, then stops and while I can scroll, I can't anymore tap anywhere but the chrome. If I quit firefox, and restart it I still can't reuse the browser. I need to restart the OS.

Some comments and logs in

note: Chrome is playing without issue.
John, could you have a look?
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The log shows Exoplayer failed to get data:

12-07 07:51:00.555 21530 23883 E ExoPlayerImplInternal: Source error.
12-07 07:51:00.555 21530 23883 E ExoPlayerImplInternal:$InvalidResponseCodeException: Response code: 403

In our current HLS support implementation, the HTTP requests are handled by Exoplayer so when error there is not much we can do before bug 1505308 is done.

As for no response for gestures but scrolling, I have no idea how media error could cause that. But the recommended video list in this page seems useless because it links to proprietory scheme URI "acfun://..." which is handled only by the "AcFun" app.
Flags: needinfo?(jolin)

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