Origionally worked fine then quit displaying web site GIF files




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Windows 2000

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All was working fine after first loaded Mozilla. I visited our web site 
www.weber.edu and all was fine. went into faculty / staff options to see if it 
failed because Netscape 6.X will fail on these pages and all looked great. When 
I returned to the main WSU page the left side of the page would not display 
(beleive this is created with a Java app) but when the mouse pointer was drawn 
down this blank side the mouse over entries would show up as long as the mouse 
pointer was in "that" location. A reload of the web site didn't help. When I 
restarted Mozilla the entire set of gif images were no longer displayed but 
text was there. I went to Netscape 6.x and it no longer worked either. Like 
they were tied together. IE 6 still workes just fine. I un installed both 
Mozilla and Netscape and restarted the machine. I then reinstalled Mozilla and 
tried to access the WSU web site but it still only display the text and a box 
that shows where the GIF image would go if it were being displayed. My Win 98 
machine with Mozilla installed (same build release) is still working fine but 
I'm afraid to access the same WSU pages for fear that it will be damaged also. 
For what it is worth - on the W2K machine the mozilla site also appears blank 
(no images). Hope this can be solved. Our campus has generally gone over to the 
dark side (MS IE) and I was hoping mozilla would give me a different option for 
browsing. Until this happened it was looking great.

Cliff Peterson

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. It is now 100 % failure on my machine but will work on my W98 machine
2. Think it was created by the Java applets that the WSU site started on my W2K 
3. You would probably have to visit our site to have the same problem attack 
you machine. I can give you the path to the failing pages if that will help.
NS6.x / Mozilla have problems with the cache if you run both with the same profile.

Can you please try to clear the disk cache ?

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16 years ago
Marking WFM in the OS X 2002-07-12-08 build.
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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