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Extend PromiseWorker to support asynchronously executing workers


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(Reporter: dthayer, Assigned: dthayer)




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If we want to do asynchronous work inside of a worker right now, we can't use a PromiseWorker. The worker/PromiseWorker.js code expects the dispatch(...) function to immediately return a value, and BasePromiseWorker implements the request ids as simply a debug check on its queue-based message processing.

We should use a Map of id's to handlers instead of a queue, and allow returning a promise inside the worker code itself.
P1'ing given this has an assignee. :-)
Priority: -- → P1
Right now PromiseWorker supports an async interface on the
consumer side, but the worker code itself can't be async. This
can be a barrier for bringing certain things (see Bug 1502146
easily into a worker).
Priority: P1 → P3
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