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rusttest build changes lost sccache logging and stats


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I didn't think about this while reviewing bug 1505072 but we launch the sccache server with logging from the `build::` target in

This means that changing the build targets that the rusttest builds use skip this step, so we don't get an sccache log out. I noticed this while looking at logs in bug 1507781.

In the guts of `mach build` we don't route through unless doing a no-argument build:

We do need to launch sccache via a Makefile so that it can inherit make's jobserver, but we could move that down into a special rule in the root Makefile and just call it from that build rule, and also invoke that special rule first in the rustttest builds.
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Additionally we lost sccache stats on these jobs because the Makefile rules to dump sccache stats run on the default:: target:
Summary: rusttest build changes lost sccache logging → rusttest build changes lost sccache logging and stats
(In reply to Ted Mielczarek [:ted] [:ted.mielczarek] from comment #3)
> jobs?repo=try&revision=b6bf963b3d70d41a36f6a3641073d1cc41d69c8e

That patch is a little ugly but it seems to fix both issues. I triggered a normal Linux build job as well just to be sure I didn't break things there and it looks OK.

We could certainly stand to make things nicer here. We could probably lift most of this logic up into `mach build` itself, just calling into a Makefile target to actually start sccache.

Per conversation with :kmoir, I'm going through untriaged bugs in her components and marking the ones which look to be enhancements/tasks with the enhancement severity to get them out of the triage queue.

If this incorrect, please remove the tag.

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