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CSS demo flickers during transition when scrolled


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Steps to reproduce:

Create new profile (WR/non-WR)
go to

Actual results:

the slide flickers when the transition ends
happens with or without WR

Expected results:

not so
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Bug 1320608 - Make sure we wait for the next frame in the case where the animation started at the current frame. r=birtles

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Blocks: 1320608
Flags: needinfo?(hikezoe)
Component: General → DOM: Animation
See Also: → 1467638
I can see InitialOverflowProperty assertions [1] in OverflowChangedTracker when the slide transition happens.  I don't know what happens there.

See Also: → 1019992
OK, this is actually caused by calling EffectSet::GetEffectSet(nsIFrame*) for the primary frame instead of style frame.  We've been using the primary frame in various call sites of GetEffectSet.
Flags: needinfo?(hikezoe)
FWIW, (actually I don't think it's worth), here is a patch to use the style frame in EffectSet::GetEffectSet() and FindAnimationsForCompositor().

I've confirmed that this patch actually fixes the flicker, but we should instead audit all call sites of these functions and pass the style frame in the functions.
Priority: -- → P3
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