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Bug 1508002 is creating an hg alias to use the new `hg annotate --skip` support with a pre-established convention of skipping changesets which have "skip-blame" in the commit summary, or changesets listed in a file in the tree.

This file will be used to provide extra changesets that should also be skipped but did not include "skip-blame" in the summary.

CC'ing some people who I know have made large code-formatting changes in the past to help gather this list.
Posted file Scripted changes
This file includes a list of all the large changesets I produced using scripts, and at the end of the file I also added a couple large changesets that I'm aware of even though I'm not the author.

If this is going to be used only for the annotate command and not for the log command, we may want to reduce the list to include only changesets that caused changes on lines that still exist (eg. removing Cc and Ci declarations doesn't need to be skipped in annotate, but it's noise when looking at the log).
I feel like there could be some kind of heuristic like patches that touch 30+ files, and then scrape the commit history to get a list of potential candidates.
Before populating this file with a lot more items, let's get the file created and filled with the same changeset currently in .git-blame-ignore-revs, so that newer additions know what's the expected format of this file.

Unfortunately this file can't have full-line comments like the .git-blame-ignore-revs because the extdata() feature from mercurial won't accept any invalid chars at the beginning of the file
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This isn't too bad, it's self-commenting!
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Create the .hg-annotate-ignore-revs file to be used with hg smart-annotate. r=ehsan DONTBUILD NPOTB
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Generate list of past changesets to be skipped for blame. r=me NPOTB DONTBUILD
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